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Vacuum lifter for construction site use with electrical driven rotating and hydraulic tilting function

Dual-circuit system

  • 2 independent vacuum circuits, each vacuum circuit with 2-fold safety and integrated vacuum reservoir
  • for construction site use according to DIN EN 13155


Handling flat glass panes and window elements. The suction areas of the elements to be lifted must be air-impermeable, have to have an even and clean surface and must not be covered with protective film.


  • Truck-mounted crane, mini crane


  • at the crane hook


The vacuum based load lifting attachment OKTOPUS® GL-M 1400 is designed for handling large-sized glass panes and window elements up to a maximum weight of 1,400 kg. It is equipped with a dual-circuit vacuum system for construction site use according to DIN EN 13155. The crane eye of the device allows attaching the device to an existing hoist (provided by the customer). The suction frame can electrically be rotated endless by 360° and hydraulically tilted by 90°.

Operation with cable remote control (optional radio remote control) as well as the ergonomically arranged display and signaling elements allow positioning and moving the load comfortably. The electrically operated vacuum pump is supplied with energy by a 24 V DC battery system. Deviations from the nominal condition are indicated by optical and acoustical warning devices. In case of complete failure of energy supply, vacuum remains in the suction pads for at least 5 minutes. In this way a secure lowering of the load can be ensured at all times.

The integrated blow-off function allows compressed-air supported and by that a quicker release of the suctioned load.

  • Device / Suction padsmaximum Working Load Limit
    6 suction pads Ø 400 mmup to 600 kg (flat glass)
    10 suction pads Ø 400 mmup to 1,000 kg (flat glass)
    14 suction pads Ø 400 mmup to 1,400 kg (flat glass)
  • Weightdepending on the equipment ca. 185 kg - 250 kg
    Suction pads10 pcs. Ø 400 mm
    Suction frame1,400 mm x 1,053 mm with 6 suction pads, Working Load Limit up to 600 kg
    2,300 mm x 1,473 mm with 10 suction pads, Working Load Limit up to 1,000 kg
    3,200 mm x 1,893 mm with 14 suction pads, Working Load Limit up to 1,400 kg
    Vacuum generationelectrical vacuum pump
    Operationcable remote control (5 m)
    Vacuum systemdual-circuit vacuum system for construction site use
    Nominal pressure pneumatic system-0.65 bar to -0.73 bar
    Power supply24 V DC battery
    Optional facilitiesradio remote control
    Optional equipment- transport rack
    - technical documentation
    - built-in charging device
    Lifting and loweringby the crane hook
    Rotating horizontallyin the crane hook, manually 360°
    Rotating the suction frameelectrically driven 360°
    Tilting suction framehydraulically 90°


  • Crane attachment
  • Mini crane manipulator
  • Fork lift attachment
  • For even glass panes
  • For curved glass panes
  • Rotate 360°
  • Rotate 90°/95°
  • Tilt around horizontal axis
  • Tilt around vertical axis (swivel)
  • Telescopic boom/crane arm/lifting column
  • Control panel at the device / cable remote control
  • Radio remote control
  • Manual operation
  • Mains current
  • Battery


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