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The glass grippers of the series ERGO-Up are vacuum lifters for secure and material-friendly lifting and placing of glass panes that also fulfill the special requirements of insulated glass.

  • Working Load Limit:depending on the device and number of suction pads up to 1500 kg
    Vacuum system:single circuit system for shop floor operation
    Safety facilities:vacuum: vacuum gauge, signal lights, emergency whistle,
    energy breakdown: emergency whistle
    Power supply:compressed air 6-9 bar
    power supply: 24 V battery system
    Color:RAL 9006, white aluminium
    vacuum frame RAL 2011, deep orange
    Optional equipment:spare battery
    automatic energy saving function
    Lifting/Lowering:by chain hoist or rope lashing and with crane (provided by the customer)
    Rotating device:in the crane hook, manually 360°

OKTOPUS® ERGO-Up Glass gripper versions


  • Working Load Limit:600 kg
    Weight:130 kg
    Suction pads:8 suction pads Ø 300 mm
    Power supply:compressed air
    Operation:height-adjustable control panel, buttons for Suction/Release
    Monitoring:vacuum (vacuum gauge)
    energy breakdown (emergency whistle)
    Optional equipment:automatic energy saving function
    Application:lifting on/off the cutting table,
    lifting out of/into the glass storage,
    lifting insulated glass panes
    Lifting/Lowering:by chain hoist or rope lashing

OKTOPUS® ERGO-Up 1650 Z 000 S EA B24 P

  • Working Load Limit:900 kg (6 suction pads Ø 300 mm)
    1500 kg (10 suction pads Ø 300 mm)
    Weight:230 kg
    Suction pads:6 suction pads Ø 300 mm or
    10 suction pads Ø 300 mm
    Power supply:24 V battery system
    Operation:radio remote control:
    open/close gripper, suction/Release
    automatic energy saving function (vacuum controlled)
    outer suction pads can be disengaged
    optical display indicating suctioning suction pads
    Monitoring:vacuum (vacuum gauge, signal lights, emergency whistle)
    energy breakdown (emergency whistle)
    Optional equipment:spare battery
    Application:lifting on/off cutting table,
    lifting out of/into the glass storage,
    lifting insulated glass panes
    Lifting/Lowering:by chain hoist or rope lashing

Safety features

  • Compliance with all criteria of DIN EN 13155
  • Devices for internal handling of glass according DIN EN 13035
  • CE mark according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Devices with dual-circuit vacuum systems for construction site use
  • Each vacuum circuit with 2-fold safety
  • Integrated vacuum gauges
  • Optical and/or acoustic warning devices signaling deviations from the nominal condition
  • Pressure controlled vacuum to reduce the consumption of energy and compressed air
  • Integrated pressure switch control to indicate malfunctions
  • Construction site devices with 24 V battery systems with considerably increased safety compared to 12 V systems
  • Battery devices with built-in battery level indicator
  • Vacuum reservoir to compensate vacuum loss
  • Energy-self-sufficient indicator to signal breakdown of energy supply


  • Crane attachment
  • Fork lift attachment
  • Handling horizontally
  • Handling vertically
  • For even glass panes
  • For curved glass panes
  • Control panel at the device / cable remote control
  • Radio remote control
  • Manual operation
  • Mains current
  • Battery
  • Compressed air

Internally applications

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