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Load lifting attachment for lifting and positioning of construction elements

Scope of application

The load lifting attachment counterweight balancer GGA-B 2500/30/3,0/6,0 oVH fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 13155. With the integrated load hook and together with slings (e.g. ropes, chains, belts etc.) it serves for lifting and positioning construction elements (e.g. those with integrated crane eye) in difficult to access areas (e.g. below eaves, balconies, stages etc.).

Electrically driven counterweights allow balancing the loads.


  • electrically driven counterweights operated with cable remote control (optional radio remote control) for balancing loads up to 2500 kg
  • battery-powered energy supply with high capacity
  • built-in gauge for monitoring energy supply

  • OverhangWorking Load Limit of the counterweight balancer
    1,50 m2,500 kg
    1,75 m2,000 kg
    2,00 m1,500 kg
    2,50 m1,000 kg
    3,00 m700 kg
  • Counterweights30 pieces removable (1 counterweight = 25 kg)
    Operationcable remote control, radio remote control optional
    Power supply24 V battery system
    Weightapprox. 515 kg (without counterweight)
    approx. 1,265 kg (with 30 pieces counterweights)

Use of OKTOPUS® counterweight balancer


  • Crane attachment
  • telescopic boom/crane arm/lifting column
  • Control panel at the device / cable remote control
  • Radio remote control
  • Battery


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